Saturday, December 2, 2017

Sauber Confirm 2018 Line-Up

(Image Credit: Alfa Romeo Sauber F1 Team)


    Sauber have confirmed their 2018 driver line-up after many rumours and much speculation about if both seats would need to be filled or if one of Sauber's 2017 drivers would stay put.
    In the end, Sauber chose to keep long-time driver, Marcus Ericsson, and bring in GP3 (2016) and F2 (2017) Champion, Charles Leclerc. The young talent from Monaco, has proven himself over the last few years and brought race-goers to their feet with his risky, yet precise and accomplished overtaking skills.

    Leclerc recently drove for Sauber in the post-Abu Dhabi GP test and also completed multiple Free Practice sessions during the 2017 season. 

    Sauber finished the 2017 Constructors Championship in 11th, but a new and recent partnership with Alfa Romeo may change things around for the Swiss team. The team also revealed their concept livery, although it won't be confirmed what their 2018 car will actually look like, the concept gives a good idea of what it could be. 

    The car displays a nearly all-white paint scheme, with a huge splash of pearlescent red along the top, where the Alfa Romeo logo has been placed.

    Along with the new concept livery and driver pairing, the team also signed Antonio Giovinazzi as their 2018 reserve driver.

Article Written By: Amy Hawk
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