Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Hungarian GP: Race - Re-Cap & Results


    It was a Ferrari 1-2 on the podium as Vettel brought the Italian team another win this season. It didn't come easy either. He struggled throughout the race with the steering and towards the final laps it was suggested that he even let Raikkonen pass as it appeared he was going faster.

    Going back to Lap 1, it was all chaos at the Red Bull garage following first lap contact between Verstappen and Ricciardo. The two had collided and Ricciardo was sent into a spin that ended his race before it could even really begin. Verstappen was found guilty of causing the collision and was handed a 10-Second-Time-Penalty which was added to his final race time. Following the accident, Ricciardo had some choice words about his younger team-mate. Verstappen, however, apologized to Ricciardo.

    More contact was also happening in the beginning of the race and this time it was between Romain Grosjean and Nico Hulkenberg. The two bumped wheels more than once throughout the race and Grosjean eventually retired after a failed pit-stop that left him with a loose tyre. He ended up having to pull over and stop the car before things became any more unsafe for the other drivers. The team ended up being fine for the unsafe release.

    Hulkenberg was also involved in a minor incident with other Haas driver, Kevin Magnussen, While Magnussen was clear to put the blame on Hulkenberg, even going as far as telling him to "Suck my b***s", the stewards found Magnussen responsible for forcing Hulkenberg off track and he was handed a 5-Second-Time-Penalty.

    Paul di Resta, who replaced an unwell Felipe Massa, was having a decent race considering it was the first time he'd driven a 2017 F1 car outside of the simulator. However, his race ended early due to an oil leak. Stroll was unable to get into the points this time around as he finished in 14th.

    Both Force India drivers were able to keep things clean on the track and managed to score another double-points finish. Perez in 8th, grabbed 4 points while Ocon finished 9th and got 2 points for the team. Force India still stand strong in 4th in the constructors championship and it doesn't look like Williams will be catching them anytime soon.

    There was a tight battle for third place between the two Mercedes drivers and Lewis Hamilton proved to be faster on his tyres. Early on in the race he suffered from a radio malfunction that left him unable to contact his engineer and the team. He could hear them, but for the team it was silence. 

    The team eventually decided to ask Bottas to let Hamilton past and that if he could not pass Raikkonen or catch either Ferrari within 5 laps, he was to give 3rd back to Bottas and at the final lap, Hamilton did as he was told. While he lost out on a podium, he still got 12 points for his 4th place finish.

    Hungary proved to be one of McLaren's best performances so far this season with both drivers scoring points and managing to finish the race without any engine failures. Fernando Alonso finished in 6th place and Vandoorne in 10th, grabbing the last championship point. This could be a sign of better things yet to come for the struggling team.

    Nico Hulkenberg ended up being the last retirement of the race due to brake issues but still qualified as finished as he completed over 90% of the race distance. His team-mate, Palmer, finished in 12th, just ahead of Magnussen, Stroll, Wehrlein and Ericsson.

    Formula 1 now heads on to its Summer Break but not everyone gets to go on vacation so quickly. The teams and a handful of drivers from F1, F2 and GP3 will stick around to complete a 2-Day in-season test at the Hungaroring. 


1. Sebastian Vettel / Ferrari-Ferrari / Germany / + 25 Points
2. Kimi Raikkonen / Ferrari-Ferrari / Finland / + 18 Points
3. Valtteri Bottas / Mercedes-Mercedes / Finland / + 15 Points
4. Lewis Hamilton / Mercedes-Mercedes / Great Britain / + 12 Points
5. Max Verstappen / Red Bull-TAG-Heuer / Netherlands / + 10 Points*
6. Fernando Alonso / McLaren-Honda / Spain / + 8 Points
7. Carlos Sainz / Toro Rosso-Renault / Spain / + 6 Points
8. Sergio Perez / Force India-Mercedes / Mexico / + 4 Points
9. Esteban Ocon / Force India-Mercedes / France / + 2 Points
10. Stoffel Vandoorne / McLaren-Honda / Belgium / + 1 Point
11. Daniil Kvyat / Toro Rosso-Renault / Russia
12. Jolyon Palmer / Renault-Renault / Great Britain
13. Kevin Magnussen / Haas-Ferrari / Denmark**
14. Lance Stroll / Williams-Mercedes / Canada
15. Pascal Wehrlein / Sauber-Ferrari / Germany
16. Marcus Ericsson / Sauber-Ferrari / Sweden

RETIRED - Nico Hulkenberg / Renault-Renault / Germany / Brakes***
RETIRED - Paul di Resta / Williams-Mercedes / Great Britain / Oi Leak****
RETIRED - Romain Grosjean / Haas-Ferrari / France / Wheel Nut
RETIRED - Daniel Ricciardo / Red Bull-TAG-Heuer / Australia / Collision Damage

* - Notes Verstappen had 10 seconds added to his final race time
** - Notes Magnussen had 5 seconds added to his final race time
*** - Notes Hulkenberg retired on lap 69 but qualified as finishing the race as he had completed over 90% of the race distance
**** - Notes Paul di Resta replaced Felipe Massa (Illness)

Article Written By: Amy Hawk
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