Thursday, August 3, 2017

In-Season Test #2 - Day #2 - Re-Cap & Times


    McLaren prodigy Lando Norris narrowly missed out on the top time in the final Formula 1 test day at the Hungaroring.

    Sebastian Vettel finished the day fastest, just two tenths of a second quicker than 17-year-old Norris.

    Vettel set his 1:17.124s lap time in the morning, before handing over to team-mate Kimi Raikkonen. The championship leader was called up to test late and is believed to be running new parts. He was seven tenths of a second quicker than Raikkonen, who finished the day third.

    Norris, in only his first day in a Formula 1 car, completed more than 90 laps and set a lap time quicker than Fernando Alonso’s qualifying time last Saturday.

    It wasn’t all perfect for the young Brit, though, as he brought out the red flags at the end of the morning session.

    The star of the day was Robert Kubica, who drove a modern F1 car for the first time in six and a half years. Kubica completed nearly 150 laps in the RS17, after clipping the wall when leaving the garage for the first time and knocking down the “Nico Hulkenberg” sign left over from the Hungarian GP.

    Kubica’s time was fourth fastest, ahead of Carlos Sainz and Daniil Kvyat, who were sharing Toro Rosso testing duties.

    Kvyat brought out the second red flag of the day towards the end of the afternoon session. He had just improved his time to go sixth fastest when he brought out the red flag. The track turned green again five minutes later, only for the red flags to return to clear debris.

    Seventh in the timings was Lucas Auer, one of two juniors testing the Force India. He completed 49 laps and was four tenths of a quicker faster than Nikita Mazepin, who finished the day ninth.

    Mercedes junior George Russell took eighth fastest before stopping on track in the closing minutes of the afternoon session. He brought out the final red flag of the day – and the final red flag before summer break – and brought an end to the session.

    Rounding out the top 10 was Red Bull junior Pierre Gasly, who was driving for the senior team in his first day of in-season testing this year. He completed over 100 laps, but was more than a second slower than Kvyat.

    Luca Ghiotto in the Williams finished 11th, ahead of Santonio Ferruci in the Haas and Nobuhara Matsushuta in the Sauber.


1. Sebastian Vettel (AM) - 1:17.124 / Ferrari-Ferrari / Germany / 40 Laps
2. Lando Norris - 1:17.385 / McLaren-Honda / Great Britain / 91 Laps
3. Kimi Raikkonen (AM/PM) - 1:17.842 / Ferrari-Ferrari / Finland / 60 Laps
4. Robert Kubica - 1:18.572 / Renault-Renault / Poland / 142 Laps
5. Carlos Sainz (AM) - 1:18.850 / Toro Rosso-Renault / Spain / 68 Laps
6. Daniil Kvyat (PM) – 1:19.116 / Toro Rosso-Renault / Russia / 54 Laps
7. Lucas Auer (AM) - 1:19.242 / Force India-Mercedes / Austria / 49 Laps
8. George Russell - 1:19.391 / Mercedes-Mercedes / Great Britain / 90 Laps
9. Nikita Mazepin (PM) - 1:19.692 / Force India-Mercedes / Russia / 48 Laps
10. Pierre Gasly - 1:20.337 / Red Bull-TAG-Heuer / France / 107 Laps
11. Luca Ghiotto - 1:20.414 / Williams-Mercedes / Italy / 161 Laps
12. Santino Ferrucci - 1:20.994 / Haas-Ferrari / USA / 116 Laps
13. Nobuharu Matsushita - 1:21.503 / Sauber-Ferrari / Japan / 121 Laps

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