Friday, September 26, 2014

Feature: Star Drivers Of The Singapore GP

Amy Hawk - "My driver of the weekend is Jenson Button. Despite him being unable to finish the race, I think he put up quite a good fight during the race. McLaren still need to make improvements, but they're for sure having a better year than last year. But yeah, he did a good job, and he keeps getting close to a podium finish. I think most people know it's possible and so does he."

Frances Fry - "This time, I had quite the task when deciding who my driver of the weekend was going to be. After much contemplation, I finally decided that my driver of this previous race is without a doubt, last year's world champion, Sebastien Vettel. The German driver has had a tough start to the season, with many fans wondering if he'd had his day. These questions arose when younger teammate, Daniel Ricciardo, seemed to be out performing him at every race. Although this is still an occurrence, I cannot tell you how refreshing it was for me, to see Sebastien on the podium for the first time this season. 

The four time world champion has had several reliability issues and has been struggling overall on straight line speed. This double podium for the team can only have worked wonders. The smile on the driver's face was incredible as he got a little reminder of the glory that was not in short supply for him last year.  There must have been smirks all round the garage as the drivers supplied the fans with some incredible night racing and brought back a great result for the team."

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