Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Feature: Star Drivers Of The Russian GP

Amy Hawk - "My driver of the weekend is Lewis Hamilton. He's fighting every bit of the way to stay in the lead for the drivers Championship. His weekend in Russia was nothing less from phenomenal. 

He was quick to take the lead when Rosberg had the lock-up and he stayed ahead even when Rosberg caught up from 20th. Not only did he grab the win, but he's now got a good points gap between himself and Nico, so going into the next race weekend I think he'll be feeling more confident."

Frances Fry - "My driver of this previous GP has to be Nico Rosberg. If his previous track record for the season isn't already enough to be impressed by, his amazing progress through the places this weekend certainly should be! 

On corner 1, Rosberg locked up after attempting to overtake his teammate Lewis Hamilton. The lock up resulted in extreme bald patches on his tyres, which due to low friction were meant to last him to around lap 35. The tyres weren't suitable for racing on and so, at the end of lap 1, Rosberg pitted. 
The Mercedes driver came out in 21st place, with Massa behind him. 

The German driver began making his way up the places, making incredible progress. Williams driver Massa followed him through until they reached Perez where Massa got caught, leaving Rosberg to make yet more progress. 
Nico made it to the end of the race on the set of tyres he switched to after his lock up. If this wasn't impressive enough, he finished in second place, giving Mercedes yet another 1/2 finish."

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