Monday, October 20, 2014

Hamilton VS. Rosberg

It's no secret that there has been friction between the two team mates at Mercedes. 
The first signs of this was at the GP in Monaco. In the third qualifying session Rosberg experienced some difficulties and found himself having to use an escape road. At the time of this happening, Hamilton just happened to be on his "podium lap" when the session was given the red flag and ended early, not allowing Hamilton to finish his lap. 

Almost instantly, fans took their sides. Some saying Rosberg had done it on purpose and others agreeing it was a mere accident. 
Again on race day, friction was evident. On the podium the two could barely stand next to each other. It was especially clear on Lewis' face that he was uncomfortable. The team, as you'd expect, sat down and spoke about it. 

Fans were told there were no issues between the drivers and they remained friends. Despite this, there still remains a lot of obvious unhappiness between the two. Lewis seemed to be taking it harder until very recently when Rosberg has been greeted by booing on the podium.

Although Rosberg appears to be handling the situation very well, you can imagine it isn't the sort of way you want to start a podium finish celebration. 

After such a strong start to an incredible season for the team, some are questioning if this situation could jeopardise the championship win for the team. I suppose all we can do for now is wait and see what happens in the final rounds of the season.

Article Written By: Frances Fry
Edited By: Amy Hawk
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